End-to-end life cycles in one environment

Manage the entire life cycle of credit in Bankish – from applications to reporting. Seamless control over your entire credit portfolio in one place.


Modern and easy-to-use back-office environment

Bankish’s user-friendly back-office is the control centre for your business. With well-streamlined processes and intuitive feel, you will always maintain control of the operations and easily manage internal tasks. Modern technology enables efficiency, and that can be seen from the outside – your clients will thank you!

Flexible products and scoring for all needs

Become the go-to financier in your field with Bankish. Maintain full control over your portfolio in real-time, be it by offering bespoke solutions for your key accounts or launching a completely new product category altogether. Remain on top of risk management with Bankish’s built-in scoring – run designated models for each product and override calculations, if necessary.

State of the art self-service portal for your customers

Financing or retail, consumer or corporate, odds are your customers like to leverage the power of internet and smart gadgets. Bankish’s end-customer self-service portal makes the final mile for your digital business, where-ever your customers are – and it looks great in your colours!

A single modular core-banking product to cover all your needs

Product management

Full control over your entire portfolio, to the detail. Easily launch or amend products by defining them using drop-down menus – from schedule types to transaction orders, from min-max definitions to fees’ management.


Full functionality coverage for the entire credit spectrum, regardless of the type or function. Unsecured and secured, business and consumer credit – Bankish is a single tool to cover it all, from origination to reporting. 


Manage deposits or inbound investments with our deposit module functionality. With both time and demand deposit coverage, Bankish supports funding operations of any financial institution.


Bankish features a comprehensive integral CRM to help maintain control over the business. Other than maintaining customer profiles, communications and contracts, the functionality enables automated messaging as well as internal tasks.


With Bankish’s integral scoring engine, you can run designated risk models for each of your products. If desired, pre-, personal and credit scoring can be run separately to save on operational costs.


Payouts and collections are managed and coordinated in Bankish, from where outbound payments are initiated and incoming payments are allocated – both ISO-standard payment slips as well as direct gateway requests.

Arrears management

Delays and overdues are managed in Bankish with instant overview of arrears, by contract, by customer or by product. With high-detail views and process automation, debt management is a breeze with Bankish.

Regulatory compliance

All data is secured in a dedicated server instance and can be withdrawn by Bankish’s integral reporting functionality. In addition to standard accounting and regulatory reports, Bankish features a powerful BI solution.

Serving financial institutions of various size and function with full portfolio coverage

Secured credit

Full collateral management coverage
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Consumer credit

Full consumer lending portfolio coverage
Payday and installment lending
Leasing and BNPL
Overdraft and credit cards
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Business credit

Full business lending coverage
Micro- and mortgage loans
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Time deposits
Demand deposits
P2P lending
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Why choose Bankish for your core-IT?

Modular software

Tailored solutions for credit providers from our full functionality stack – use what you need and scale how you want, today and tomorrow.

End-to-end coverage

Full product spectrum and life cycles’ coverage makes Bankish’s implementation the last transformation project your business needs to tend to.

SaaS approach

Affordable software rent and maintenance guaranteed from day 1 – Pay-as-you-Grow pricing model means you pay more only when you earn more.

Your one-stop-shop core-IT with the help of our partners

Our software is deliberately focused on credit provision and deposits, without “inventing the wheel” in ID verification, PSD2 or card-provision services, for instance. Bankish has a vibrant partner ecosystem ensuring end-to-end delivery for all your needs, collectively forming a true one-stop-shop for financial institutions.
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