Wrap-up: Amsterdam Fintech Week XFW21


Consumer finances, SME lending, the #fintech revolution, the “behind the scenes” of #financialservices and #sustainability – these were the topics in focus between June 4th and June 11th.

Amsterdam FinTech Week XFW21 brought together industry professionals across Europe and beyond – 553 attendees across 42 countries joined to discuss the latest developments in digital finance and beyond. Bankish is happy to have participated as a sponsor, engaging in conversations with credit institutions, technology partners and public sector representatives. The event covered overall 61 sessions (sub-events), led by industry professionals and thought leaders on the abovementioned topics.

The overall conclusion from XFW21 has been overwhelmingly positive! “It is great to see that fintech is on the right track,” said our CXO Ian Kalla. Special thanks go out to Holland FinTech for organising the event!