Partnership announcement: Nordigen


What would the world be without friends?

The team at Nordigen helps us with our core-banking solution by providing #PSD2 solutions for all kinds of #credit institutions. It’s their tech that allows creditors to easily access account statement information, too!

Rolands Mesters, Co-Founder and CEO of Nordigen is enthusiastic about the future: “Open #banking will become the default way how people prove their creditworthiness. It’s free and it provides standardised data across Europe. We’re excited to work alongside Bankish to push this new innovation into the mainstream.”

Our own CXO Ian Kalla had this to say: “As most people in the sector are aware, PSD2 solutions have been a real buzz lately! We’re genuinely happy to have Nordigen as one of our open banking partners because they have a proven track record of innovation and #security. This is the real currency in the #financialservices industry.”

If you’re looking for a reliable player in this sector, look no further and get in touch with the folks at Nordigen!