Bankish showcase at Global Government Fintech Lab


Tune in on June 1st, as we’re partnering with the Global Government Fintech Lab for their event in Tallinn this Wednesday!

There are plenty of interesting discussions on offer for this event, and all of them revolve around different aspects of the interaction between government and the fintech world. What regulations are realistically implementable, how can legal sandboxes kickstart innovation for both sides, and – at least equally interestingly – how can fintechs help governments digitalise their bureaucracies?

To give you just one example, an OECD survey found that over 160 governments around the world are launching massive post-Covid support programmes. How do you solve this logistical and organisational challenge? That’s where we believe the private sector can help!

The GG Fintech Lab is an in-person event in Tallinn that is free to attend for all public servants. It’s not too late just yet to register and join us – we’ll see you on Wednesday!

More info about the event HERE