Bankish partners with GreenDice to reduce carbon footprint


What can an IT company do about climate change? Quite a bit, actually!

There is a lot of greenwashing in various industries these days so we have always been wary of new initiatives but the approach of GreenDice really won us over. While our services are digital and our “raw material” is time, we still rely on hardware to build our solutions.

But what happens when our state-of-the-art tech is no longer state-of-the-art? That’s where GreenDice comes in. They make sure that it is given to other stakeholders that have use for it when we no longer do. That way, we reduce our carbon footprint and help extend the lifespan of the tools of our trade.

We, at Bankish, are thrilled to have signed an agreement with GreenDice! If you have not thought about how you can help build a truly circular economy, please consider giving them a try as well. We’re all in this together!